Donor Spotlight – Candy Vigen

Candy Vigen is a retired school teacher and friend of the Mission. She got her first real look at poverty when she volunteered to tutor some of her students in their homes in the very poorest part of the town where she taught. Having grown up in an affluent neighborhood, she had no idea that people lived in such terrible conditions and with so few resources. She didn’t jump to action right away, but the memories of her students’ living conditions would stick with her for years to come.

Some years later, Candy moved to North Dakota. She first learned about the Mission through an ad in the newspaper for a fundraising meal. She immediately thought back to the poor and precious children she’d tutored and she knew she had to do something. “I didn’t even know there were homeless people in Grand Forks,” she said, “but the speaker at the meal said that even doctors and politicians had stayed at the Mission – homelessness could happen to anybody. That really opened my eyes, and I wrote my first check that day. It wasn’t a big check, but if felt so good to help.”

Since that day, over 10 years ago, Candy has invested a great amount into the work of the Mission and introduced many of her close friends to our cause as well. A woman of faith, Candy believes that she’ll be held accountable for how she stewards her resources here on earth. “When you see other people in need, you should be there for them if you can. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to contribute financially, so other than my church, the Mission is my main cause.”

Here at the Mission, we are so grateful for Candy and the many other generous friends who make New Beginnings possible for those in need.