We provide support for
men and women experiencing homelessness.

Combating Homelessness

At Northlands Rescue Mission, we work to help clients secure housing and create a stable future.
Basic Services - Many homeless men and women do not know where they will sleep or where their next meal will come from. We provide the necessities so clients can focus on their future.
  • Three meals per day
  • Bed with locker to store personal belongings
  • Shower & laundry services
  • Clothing
  • Personal care items
  • Bus passes to assist travel around town
  • Access to a computer lab
Client-Led Engagement - We are part of a continuum of care with a designed-approach to help homeless get housed,  find employment, and meet their self-defined goals.
When each client visits us, they meet with a social worker who helps guide a housing first model of care for each person. We work with landlords and other providers to give each client a choice in housing and other goals they want to accomplish. We are focused on giving each client the opportunity to take control of their future by helping them escape homelessness permanently and as fast as possible.

We work with a continuum of care that includes shelters and other service providers across the state to get clients the help and resources they need. Our community has a coordinated assessment system for matching people experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate housing and services. This approach has helped more than 300 homeless men and women secure stable housing through Northlands Rescue Mission in the last year and a half.
Provide Stable Start - Clients often need extra help to ensure their start in housing is stable.
Social workers continue to work with clients as they transition from living at Northlands Rescue Mission to more stable housing. As clients move out of the Mission, they are given basic items when available. This may include furniture, kitchen items, hygiene products, air mattresses, and food baskets.
Family Assistance
We help families who are at risk of becoming homeless. Our advocacy team works to connect local families with essential resources, including food, clothing, transportation, employment, and more!
If your family needs help, please contact our family case manager at (701) 772-6600 ext. 208.
We Help With:
- Housing Assistance
- Hotel Vouchers
- Rent/Deposits/Utility Bills
- Case Management
- Reconnection with Family
- Food & Basic Resources
- Household Items/Furniture
- Diapers/Baby Formula