We help community members who are experiencing
hunger or poverty.

Ways we Fight Hunger

Daily meals, food boxes, meals for kids, and more!
Food Boxes
People in our community often have difficult choices to make between rent, food, gas, and other essentials. The Mission provides free monthly food boxes to any individuals or families in need. Last year, we supplied more than 2800 food boxes to the community.
Food boxes are available Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Door #2
(10:00 am - 7:00 pm on Wednesdays).

To receive a food box, come to Door 2 (with the stairs) and ring the bell. Thank you!
Click Here for Instructions
Community Meal Service
Lunch and dinner are served every day at the Mission. Meals are free and available for anyone in the community. Last year, we provided more than 50,000 meals!
Lunch is served daily at 12:00 pm.
Dinner is served daily at 5:00 pm.

Community meals are served "to-go". To receive a meal, please go to Door #1 (front office) at the appropriate time. If you need a larger quantity of meals, please call ahead: (701) 772-6600 ext. 207. Thank you!
You Can Be the Difference for a Child this Weekend!
We are committed to fighting child hunger in our community. That's why we started the Backpack Program, which provides children in low-income families with extra food during the school year.
This program currently serves more than 1200 students at all ten elementary schools in Grand Forks.

Backpack Program food bags are packed with
two breakfast items, two main meal items, two fruits, two snacks, and two juice pouches. At the end of each school week, participating students discreetly receive a bag to put in their backpack and take home, ensuring that they have a healthy and reliable source of food over the weekend. This extra food helps kids stay focused in school, and it helps parents cover other essentials, like gas, school supplies, or medicine.

Words from a Mother:
Shannon enrolled her family in the Backpack Program after hearing about it from a school social worker. Her son Carter is in 2nd grade and has autism and ADHD. As a single mother caring for a child with extra needs, Shannon sometimes has to make difficult choices with her limited income. Backpack Program meals have helped keep the family afloat.

"Things are crazy out there, with inflation and everything else," says Shannon. "I've been in bad situations, and to have something like this actually does help a lot. This is a good program and I'm really grateful to have this food. I know a lot of other parents out here with kids who could really use it, too."
We know that children with a stable environment and enough food have a better chance at a successful future, and that's what this program is all about. But, we couldn't do it without people like you! This program is primarily funded by generous donors and run by volunteers. Would you help a child in need by making a donation to the Backpack Program today?

Just $2.50 feeds a child for a weekend. $100 feeds a child for the entire school year!
Will you sponsor a child through the Backpack Program? Thank you and God Bless.

Donate to FEED A CHILD This Weekend!

Or Donate A Food Item!

• Ramen noodles
• Soup/noodle cups
• Cereal cups/mini boxes
• Juice boxes/pouches
• Water drink mixes (e.g. Crystal Light)
• Applesauce/fruit cups
• Instant oatmeal packets (not containing nuts)
• Individually packaged snack items (not containing nuts)
• Non-perishable meal Items (e.g. mac & cheese cups, rice pouches, etc.)
bags of food distributed during the 2023-24 school year
food bags distributed each week at ten elementary schools
cost to feed one child for a weekend
Want to Enroll Your Child in the Backpack Program?
To enroll, please contact your school's front office. If you are eligible, your school social worker will have you fill out a permission slip for your child to participate.

Grand Forks schools currently participating in the Backpack Program:
For questions, please contact Korrin at (701) 772-6600 ext. 215 or email korrin@jointhemission.org
Click to learn about our Mobile Food Pantry!